Timetable for kitchen renovation schedule,

  In order to assist you with your project we have listed below a basic timetable schedule for your kitchen renovation:

1.On site meeting to design your plan and carry out check measure. Make appointment for the following week, (this allows time for pricing and design details) 

2.Showroom meeting to go over plan and quote and make any adjustments needed, decide on product selections, colours and handles. Once all is confirmed and contract signed (with 10% deposit) it will take approx 1 week to prepare and send all paperwork to the factory and obtain a delivery date, and do a final site check measure.                                                            

3.As a general guide it takes about 4 weeks from the time the contract is signed til the factory delivery date is confirmed, and scheduling is booked for delivery and installation. 

4.The pullout of the old kitchen is often carried out on the same day as delivery of the new fitout, and install is started the following day.  

5.Laminate and Acrylic benchtops are fitted at the same time as the cabinets.  If you are having a Stone benchtop, then the final check measure is done once the cabinets are fitted and will take 10 working days to be cut, polished, delivered and installed.  

6.If you are fitting a glass splashback, then the final check measure will be done once the tops are on and will take 5-7 working days to be manufactured, delivered and installed.

 We hope this basic guide answers some of your renovation questions, but of course everyone has different needs, and we will work closely to help you achieve the correct outcome for each project.

 ***Unfortunately real life is not like the TV kitchen renovation shows that are finished in a weekend!!